Rabbit on the Run


The search for a friend through foreign landscapes.

Understanding the increasing damage of our dying oceans.

Understanding the increasing damage of our dying oceans.



Sept - Dec 2019


School Project


Illustration, Book Design


Procreate, Illustrator, InDesign

Rabbit on the Run is a children's pop up book series that describes the journey of a girl who's rabbit leads her onto an adventure in an old apartment that has a labyrinth of magical rooms. Each book represents a floor of the apartment, distinctive by colour. The beginning and last spread connect to where the last left off. Each room is full of surprises, where the viewer can find the rabbit in odd places. The pop ups and variations within the illustrations engage the reader without words. It's an imaginative, immersive and interactive way to look at rooms and the stories they could tell.

As a young child armed with my local aquarium pass, I loved the ocean and learning about the beautiful world that lived under the sea. Having lived on the west coast it is clear that the ocean has become interwoven with our way of life. However, this makes overfishing a growing problem that could leave thousands of people without jobs and without food. This informational brochure and app aims to raise awareness of the drastic changes overfishing has causing to the ecosystem and the potential impacts it has on humans. 

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A whimsical adventure of exploration and friendship


Book Concept

I began exploring the idea of rooms and the people who could live within them. The apartment could be made up of multiple rooms and sections that could be mixed and matched into one building. This concept became simplified into each floor having its own book and colour scheme. I then sketched out a few concepts and ideas of how the layout of the book would be designed. 

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I wrote a loose story and created a list of potential rooms while considering what pop-ups would be used. Then I sketched out loose storyboards for each spread. To create each pop-up I made simple mock up versions to ensure that the concept would work before I illustrated each spread. 



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Planning is key.
Prototyping was an important component of creating a pop up book and ensuring that the mechanism used can enhance the user experience.

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